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COWEC konference i Berlin den 18. og 19. juni 2013.

AREPA taler ved COWEC konference i Berlin den 18. og 19. juni 2013.

I kan møde AREPA tirsdag den 18. juni kl. 17.55 i Lecture Room 1CC.

Vores emne er:
Damage analysis and technical restoration in wind turbines

  • Well-known types of damages: fire, soot water, corrosives, oil, etc. …
  • Analysis, cases and samples of contaminations
  • Lessons learned to increase the lifetime of components
  • Implementation of successful preventing concepts
Repræsentant for AREPA er:
Richard Done,
UK General Manager,
AREPA Ltd., Oxford, United Kingdom


Conference of the Wind Power Engineering Community

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COWEC covers all aspects of wind power engineering and presents the entire range of technical developments currently offered by internationally renown wind power manufacturers, component and equipment manufacturers, energy suppliers, universities and research institutes.

More than 80 speakers from 20 countries will give a deep insight in all technical aspects and solutions for the wind engineering industry. Short promotional speeches are not our business. Highly technical presentations are guaranteed by the conference board made up by the leading »heads and minds« within the wind energy industry. The same is true for all our keynote, podium and general speakers. Furthermore, we have full support of three leading engineering associations and 8 wind power associations.


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